10 Epic Tricks to Look Beautiful

It’s no secret that we all love beauty hacks, especially people with busy lives who don’t have time or money to dedicate to perfecting their look.  We’ve compiled a list of 10 make-up tips and hacks that’ll help you make the most of your make-up products and routines. While there are dozens of beauty products available on the market, you might be surprised to find that you can replace overpriced beauty tools with household items. Avoid wasting time, money, and products by keeping things simple and practical.

1.Make your eyes look wider

Try this mascara application if you want a big, wide-eyed Audrey Hepburn look. Make sure that you apply the mascara towards the nose instead of sweeping it upwards for a fuller looking eyelash and a wider appearance.

2.Apply Perfume Correctly

By spraying your perfume on your pulse points, you will make it last longer and smell better throughout the day and evening. By sprinkling it all over yourself, it’s a waste because it will quickly dissipate when not applied properly.

3.Use Every Drop of your Liquid Makeup

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to squeeze out the last bit of liquid makeup from its tube before throwing it in the garbage. Cut it open first and scoop the remnants into plastic pods before tossing it in the trash.

4.Enhance Eye Shadow Color

By using this simple trick, you can intensify any color of eye shadow. Apply white eyeliner to the lid and color it in. Using an eyeshadow color of your choice, apply it over the white eyeliner. Eyeshadow colors are intensified by the white underneath.

5.Make Lipstick Stay On Longer

Lipstick routines such as this ensure long-lasting color for hours. To absorb any excess lipstick, apply lipstick as usual, then press half a tissue between your lips. In order to seal the color, place the other half of the tissue on your lips and apply translucent powder over it.

6.Avoid Lipstick on your Teeth

Have you ever smiled all the way to a party only to discover you had lipstick on your teeth? You can avoid embarrassing moments by remembering this tip. As soon as you’ve applied lipstick to your finger, place it in your mouth and close it around it. With a finger, you wipe lipstick on your teeth instead of wiping it with lipstick.

7.Reuse Dried Out Mascara

You can give your mascara a good shake whenever it gets dry by adding a few drops of saline solution. With saline solution, the mascara is given a new lease on life by adding moisture. Another item that can be reused instead of disposed of immediately is make-up.

8.More Eyelash Volume

You can easily add volume to your eyelashes by applying translucent powder in between coats of mascara instead of spending hundreds on expensive mascara? If you have a make-up kit, you’re probably going to have powder in it.

9.Split Ends

You can try this easy trick if your split ends are getting worse but you don’t need a haircut just yet. A small section of hair strands should be twisted together. In this case, you will be able to clearly see wayward strands. To trim off split ends, use sharp hair scissors.

10.Tame Your Baby Hairs

ou can brush your hairline baby hairs with an old toothbrush after you disinfect it and smooth out your hairline if you use it after you have disinfected it. For a more permanent hold, you can even spray hairspray on your toothbrush.