33 Low-Maintenance, Medium-Length Haircuts that every women should know

It is often a matter of deciding whether to get a long, luxurious haircut or a short, stylized haircut when thinking about a new haircut. The medium-length haircut has less maintenance, but it’s low-maintenance. Dimitris Giannetos, a celebrity hairstylist, says lobs, shaggy layers, blunt cuts, and textured ends are popular with the medium set because they are easy to apply to different hair textures and face shapes.. For medium-length hair, these cuts are timeless and stylish with a modern, edgy vibe

The ideal haircut should avoid extremes in favor of a chic middle ground. Here are 30 stylish medium-length haircut ideas for your next salon appointment.

Easy Bangs

Whether your air-dry results in straight lengths or a slight wave, Taylor Swift’s full-yet-wispy fringe may need a little trimming and styling.

Barely-There Layers

In this example, Phoebe Tonkin uses subtle, face-framing layers to add subtle texture to soft, medium-length waves.