Hilarious Home Renovation Fails

We can’t fathom just why and how certain home renovations end up turning into such terribly hilarious train wrecks. In the event you’re dealing with a home renovation crisis, these photos, classified as legit pieces of evidence, will either make or break your day.

You should hire professionals to fix certain parts of your house meticulously… or get ready for disaster. Even so, if you fail, at least you can keep the internet entertained, as the owners of the epic renovation fails you’re about to see did. Did we mention you should leave this type of work to the experts?


It’s probably one of the weirdest approaches to establishing a “strategic location.” The person(s) responsible for this renovation must’ve been drunk or crazy, since their workmanship ensured danger in this corner of the house.

In the right mind, no man would connect a faucet so closely to an electrical outlet. This is not a place where intelligence or common sense was used. Try washing your hands and putting a cord into an outlet. What a blast! It is certain that not a drop of intelligence or common sense was invested in putting this thing together.

Extraordinary Garage

Is this a garage or a storage area? Given the size and placement of the door, we can’t imagine a car fitting inside. The “garage” would look like it had a mini Cooper feel like a Hummer. We can only imagine that there is some kind of wizardry involved here that we muggles are unable to comprehend.

It’s our humble suggestion that this failed garage be converted into an oversize bin for household items that are no longer needed. Several years ago, that was the way houses were designed. People didn’t like the way it looked, so they never lived in it. Things had to be changed.

The Other Side

A growing family may require homeowners to expand their homes. This particular homeowner, however, was driven by a strong desire to be different, demanding a contrasting design to offset their classic home. Everyone is entitled to express their own individuality, right? We do not judge.

One judgment is necessary: Ew! There should at least have been matching colors. It’s what we call 21st-century innovation. Anything is possible with this type of design. Any material, any color, any size. It feels more Victorian to us than common American suburban houses of the 1950s.