The Physical Repercussions of Sleeping in Socks

The question of whether or not to wear socks to bed has long been up for discussion. We have compiled a list of benefits and drawbacks of sleeping in socks based on several studies. Before deciding whether or not to wear your socks, have a look at them.

1. Helps To Fall Asleep Faster

Warming up your feet with socks can dilate blood vessels, which helps to release heat via the skin and lowers body temperature. This, in turn, sends a clear signal to your brain to go to sleep. This is according to Medical News Today. You’ll feel sleepy and fall asleep earlier than normal after getting the signal.

2. Improve Temperature Regulation

Your body temperature decreases by 1-2°F from its average of 98.6°F when you initially go asleep and reaches its lowest point around 4 a.m. In this instance, donning socks before bed can improve your body’s ability to regulate body temperature and make sleep more comfortable.

3. Enhance Sleep Quality

You can enhance the quality of your sleep by wearing socks to bed, since the management of body temperature is associated with better sleep. Researchers Yelin Ko and Joo-Young Lee have shown that those who wear socks at night often sleep 32 minutes longer, wake up 7.5 times less frequently, and sleep 7.6% more effectively than those who don’t.