These 28 Drone Photos That Won’t Let You Give Up on Fairytales

By providing a unique viewpoint on otherwise inaccessible areas, drone photography enhances all forms of photography. Inhale deeply and lose yourself in these captivating images! A few of them even took home honors!

1. A Fish Shaped Island, Croatia

The Adriatic Sea is the perfect place for a big fish to live.

2. Country Of Colors, Netherlands

Holland in spring is like a painter’s palette, filled with the rich odor of flowers.

3. Solo Trip In The Desert, United Arab Emirates

Loneliness is all yours, so does the beauty of the desert.

4. Fall Into Colors, East Coast, USA

Alice, will you willingly fall into a rabbit hole decorated with the sense of autumn?

5. Winter Forest, Place Unknown

Is this the place where Lucy Pevensie first met Mr. Tumnus the Faun in Narnia?