Top 15 Anti-Aging Hairstyles

4. Loose Waves

Longer hair that reaches the shoulders and ends in fringe at the sides of the head is needed for this colorful style. Women with fine or thin hair might also do well with this option. In addition to emphasizing the fringe, the layers in this style give it a gentler appearance than some of the other bobs with harsher angles.

5. Short Curly Bob

A lot of fashion gurus say that an older woman’s traditional hairdo is a short curly bob. It works well for ladies with thick hair that readily and naturally curls. Maintaining this haircut doesn’t take much work. Women who have this kind of hair should only comb it while it’s damp, though.

6. Neat-Side Fringe

A clean side fringe is another classic haircut that works well on elderly folks. Any amount of fringe a lady chooses may be worn in this style, which looks great with short hair. Similar to the angled cut in the preceding slide, this style often makes the face appear thinner and more attractive.