12 Ways To Prevent Your Overwhelmed Wife From Falling Apart

Many women are prone to suffering from stress or anxiety because of loads of concerns or responsibilities. They selflessly serve day after day for their family, wiping their children’s tears away, tending to everyone’s needs but their own. For the husbands, it can sometimes be difficult to understand how to alleviate the issue. These 12 tips are from women all over the world who want husbands to know how to help them when they become overwhelmed.

1. Be aware of her responsibilities

In spite of whether she goes to work or stays at home, are you aware of what she does all day along? If not, try to ask her. Her to-do-list is overflowing with tasks that far outweigh her time and vigor. Be appreciative of all her sacrifices.

2. Get involved BEFORE she burns out

The best time to help your wife is now. Don’t wait until she breaks down.

3. Be an active participant

It takes two to keep a marriage running smoothly. Same applies for a family. Be actively involved in your family life.

4. Stop trying to fix her problems

Most men solve a problem by trying to fix it, which can make it difficult for a woman to feel safe. Instead of offering a solution, try your best to listen and allow her to vent without trying to tell her what she should do about the problem.

5. Hold her in your arms

She may just need to be held in your arms when she feels like her world is falling apart. Hold her and tell her how much you love her, which will allow her to safer and more comfortable.

6. Let her talk as long as she needs

Women are prone to expressing themselves with their words, so it’s important to allow her to talk as much as she needs to. Show empathy and listen carefully.

7. Be a partner

Marriage means to share a life together and carry one another’s burdens. Marriage makes you a union who covenant to love each other as one another’s confidant, lover, and friend.

8. Provide her hope

Encouraging her can change her perspective on her struggles, allowing herself to feel better. She will understand her value if you tell her how much you appreciate what she does to manage the home.

9. Be useful

Learn to find the time you need to get things done. What is broken that needs to be fixed? Are there dishes that need washing? Does the dog need to be walked? Don’t wait until you are asked. Do it right now.

10. Give her a day all to herself

Encourage her to take a day or two off from household responsibilities. Getting a manicure, hair cut, or massage can help her gather her feelings and take a step back from the meddling situation.

11. Pray for her

Pray with her when she is having a problem to ensure that she is comforted by your concerns. Try to encourage her to let go of her stress and understand that any external circumstances are out of her control.

12. Ask her what you can do

Ask her what you can do to help her. She will appreciate it more than you ever know.