Top 20 Most Expensive Rolls Royce Models Ever Sold

The Rolls Royce epitomizes luxury and class. It has been over a century since Charles Rolls and Henry Royce dreamed up incredible high-end automobiles. It wasn’t until two decades later, in 1904, that Henry would meet Charles Rolls at the Midland Hotel in Manchester.. Since their partnership began, the automotive world has benefited from their partnership. It is common for them to make expensive, extravagant cars, though some stand out above the rest. This is our list of the most valuable Rolls-Royces ever sold

20. 1967 Rolls-Royce Phantom V State Landaulet by Mulliner Park Ward – $445,000

You know that a government commissions a car when it is something special. It is such a case with this stunning example that was built in 1966 for the Communist dictator Nicolae Ceceașescu of Romania. Only five Phantom V State Landaulets were produced. There were no expenses spared, and every detail was taken into consideration. The rear seats of this car are adjustable so that passengers of all heights can sit comfortably in style and comfort. Among other luxurious features, this car has adjustable rear seats.

19. Rolls Royce Phantom (2018)- $450,000

Before you add the final touch to the car, the base price of the 2018 Phantom is $450,000. This car’s glass-encased dashboard is made to accommodate bespoke artwork. When it comes to creative touches, this goes way beyond anything the so-called competition could ever hope for. The price of this car would likely more than double once the artist’s commission is added, but we’ve listed the baseline version as well.