59 Photos Proved That Elderly People are the Funniest Age Group

Visiting my 92-year-old grandma for a few days is like finishing a crash course in stand-up comedy. She’s smart, sassy, and much too old to give a damn about what other people think of her. She also seems to have a talent for making even the most mundane things make others chuckle.

It seems that she is not the only elderly person who can make people laugh. The pictures we’ve collected from the internet below showcase some of the most absurd things grandparents have ever done. A senior with a sense of humor is capable of anything, from photo editing to devising creative solutions for chores. Have fun looking through these photos, and don’t forget to give a thumbs up to the ones that motivate you to keep improving your comedic skills far into old age!

#1 My Best Friend’s Grandma Made These Before She Passed Away To Give Out At Her Funeral. What An Icon

#2 My Grandma Found A Clever Way To Incorporate Her Walker Into Her Halloween Costume

And lots of room inside the stove for, oh, goblins, ogres, fun stuff like that-