25 Wavy Haircut and Style Ideas that you should not miss

There are many ways to straighten, blow-out, curl, and leave wavy hair in its natural state—and because of its in-between texture, it makes a great foundation for nearly any haircut, including pixie cuts, blunt lobs, short bobs, and even mullets. You can see how popular wavy haircuts and hairstyles are on red-carpets everywhere if you look at virtually any celebrity.

Here are our favorite haircuts for wavy hair, which we handpicked to get you excited about your own waves—and maybe even try out a new look—along with tips from hairstylist Meri Kate O’Connor on what to look for, what to ask your stylist during your appointment, and how to style it at home.

1.Long-Layered Waves

When it comes to cutting their wavy hair, many people make the mistake of not giving it enough shape, usually because of bad layering experiences. The idea of chopping off even more length during a trim can cause you anxiety, so take Ciara’s example and ask your stylist for super-long layers-i.e., so you don’t end up with a bottom-heavy appearance.

2.Wavy Bangs Haircut

There’s something romantic about bangs on wavy hair, reminiscent of just running through 18th century fields. But Riley Keough’s Austenian bangs need a little care to look good in the morning, says O’Connor. As curly and wavy hair is not washed as much as straight hair, it usually works well to re-activate your bang pattern after rewetting and re-styling them, she says.

3.Wavy Bob Haircut

Adding layers to waves and curly hair gives them shape and movement, and keeps them from looking like a big triangle, says O’Connor. With subtle layers (see the shorter pieces around the crown and mid-lengths?), Soo Joo Park’s wavy bob gives a blunt-cut bob a rounder and softer shape without detracting from its overall angles.