What will happen if You Eat two Bananas per Day

What if you eat 2 bananas per day? Bananas are very popular fruits in any country. They are produced in more than 100 countries around the world. Here’s how bananas can benefit your health. The banana contains potassium, fiber, and vitamin C, and is extremely nutritious. A ripe banana can be eaten as well as an immature one. Please read on… What do you get from bananas?

What do you get from two bananas

There are two main nutrients in bananas: 1.34% vitamin C 2.40% Vitamin B6 For these two nutrients, you will also get the following percentage of RDA: If you continue to take nutrition every day, what happens? Please read on…

1. The importance of potassium to the body

Healthy adults need between 3500 and 4700 milligrams of potassium per day, and two bananas contain about 900 milligrams of potassium. Therefore, bananas are very important nutritious fruits. Many people don’t realize potassium’s importance to the body, nor do they realize the crucial role potassium plays in the body. A large part of potassium’s role is to maintain blood pressure and heart rate stability Please read on Maintain healthy blood pressure.

2. Help maintain healthy blood pressure

A lack of potassium can cause the body to retain more liquid water, which leads to a rise in blood pressure. Therefore, potassium can help maintain healthy blood pressure.

3. Reduce the risk of cancer

Several studies have shown that banana fiber reduces colorectal cancer risk and helps the digestive system. Therefore, you can consume vitamin C-rich foods every day to fight cancer.

4. Promote heart health


Bananas contain a lot of potassium, which can lower blood pressure and improve heart health. A study shows that if you take 4069 mg of potassium a day, your risk of ischemic heart disease is reduced by 49%. What are the other functions? It can relieve your stomach pain, please continue reading…

5. You will relieve your stomach pain

It is well known that bananas are beneficial to the digestive system. Their potassium and fiber content make them easy to digest. Bananas can also alleviate intestinal diseases, constipation, and other symptoms of the disease.