Car Insurance: Do Driver Behaviors or Vehicle Models Matter More?

Your car insurance quotes are affected by many factors. Some factors are beyond your control. Men tend to have higher rates than women. Young drivers tend to have higher rates. Depending on where you live, you may have to pay more for insurance because the city is more likely to suffer from accidents and more traffic.

The type of vehicle you drive and your behavior on the road are things you can control, but which is the most important? The cheapest cars to insure often have a lot of safety features.

The best way to save money on your monthly insurance rates is to stay alert behind the wheel, follow road rules, and follow all traffic laws.

#1 – Road Rage

Road rage is one of the easiest ways to avoid high insurance rates. People are inclined to behave in ways they would not normally in their regular lives because they are driven.

Road rage drivers may get tense when driving for various reasons, but the insurance consequences of driving an expensive model are often much higher than if they were driving a cheaper model.

In addition to causing many irrational feelings, road rage can result in bad consequences. Taking tailgating as a result of someone cutting you off could result in a collision with another driver. Collisions increase insurance rates drastically. If you caused the accident because of your temper, it’s your fault and your insurance company will view you as a high-risk customer.

It is possible to engage in bad behavior in parking lots as well. Puncturing someone’s tire or scratching their paint as retribution will lead to a fine and claims on your insurance.

In addition to vandalizing someone else’s car, your criminal record greatly affects your insurance rates, much more so than the vehicle you drive. As a result, it will be difficult for you to get a good insurance policy in the future, especially if you continue to behave in a dangerous manner.

#2 – DUI and DWI

It is the worst driving behavior to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The fact that it is such an avoidable decision with deadly consequences for those around you on the road makes it a factor that affects your insurance rates more than any other factor we will discuss on this list.

If you have a DUI on your record, some insurance companies will not insure you again. Your best option is to go through defensive driving school, do community service, and do other activities that demonstrate your change of character and improvement as a driver.

Nonetheless, if you’ve ever been pulled over or arrested for drunk driving, you will have to pay high insurance rates. The goal is to limit the damage caused by this flawed decision.

#3 – How expensive are car repairs?

In our article, we have emphasized that driver behavior is the only thing that affects your insurance rates, but there are certainly decisions that you make about what vehicle you drive that impact your rates as well. If you have to file a claim for a certain vehicle, the cost of repairing it is a major factor in raising insurance rates.

You should have an emergency fund for car repairs since sports cars and vintage models are going to be expensive because it is hard to find parts for them if they get damaged. An electric car is a good thing for the environment, but it’s bad for your insurance company. If a battery is damaged, it’s very expensive to replace.

Modifications to your car can also increase your insurance rates. If you add tinted windows or make your car a different color like red or bright green, your insurance company may view the vehicle as a greater risk. If you want to save money on insurance, make your car or truck look very boring and functional.

#4 – Car Safety

The Toyota Camry and the Honda Civic are two of the safest cars on the market, making them cheaper to insure because of their fewer consequences after an accident. Because their injuries are less severe, if someone gets into an accident in one of these vehicles, they are not likely to have as many medical bills.

Car insurance companies save money when they insure less risky vehicles. If you want to get insurance, you should show your agent that what you are driving is less risky.

Whether you drive an old or new car, you can make the car safer by adding a tracking device or a safe driving app. Your agent can see your driving behavior and give you discounts based on your driving behavior.

Your vehicle should have updated tabs, no cracks on the windshield, etc. this will show your concern for driving a safe vehicle regardless of what model it is. This will bring down rates on sports cars and electric cars.

#5 – The Verdict

After reading this, it’s quite clear that how you drive is the most important factor in obtaining better insurance rates. Although the type of car you drive is important, even if you buy a vehicle online that is cheaper to insure, you can still pay a high insurance premium if you drive badly.

Make sure you stay calm behind the wheel. You also need to follow the law, even if you find it inconvenient, and sleep well to stay awake. Before getting angry at someone, consider the damage you will cause to yourself and others. Do not text and drive either.

This is the primary way to get affordable insurance if you drive at an extremely high level.