Why Top Athletes Are Not Necessarily Good-Looking?

What do you mean by “top-level”? How do you define it?

Actually, there are still many good-looking athletes in sports. There are also many top-level beauties among female athletes. One should be good at discovering beauty.

Who says athletes must be coarse-featured? Why do beautiful countenance and sports have to be opposite? Why can’t they complement each other and integrate as one?

Girls in sports are the most beautiful!

Today we will enumerate the top 10 beauties in world sports circles and see what kind of angelic looks they have.

01 Alica Schmidt

She was called the “most beautiful track and field goddess of Germany” and “the most beautiful track and field athlete on Earth”. The Australian media voted her one of the “sexiest athletes in the world”.

With such beauty, figure, blue eyes and golden hair, who wouldn’t be dazzled? It can be said that Alica Schmidt conditions are by no means inferior to top supermodels in the world. However, she is enthusiastic about track and field athletics. As a child, she ran so fast that her parents had to tell her to slow down. During her holidays, Smith caught the attention of professional sprint coach Thomas Klamer. He was deeply impressed by her movement and recommended that her parents sign her up for track and field competitions. Smith won second place in the 4x100m relay at the European Championships. At the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Smith represented the German team in the women’s 4x400m relay and the mixed 4x400m relay. The fact that she could represent the national team at the Olympics shows that she is by no means just a pretty face, but has true strength and ability.