What Will Happen If You Put An Onion in Your Socks?

Though they’re often employed in cooking, have you ever attempted utilizing onions on your feet? As weird as it may sound, there are health benefits to wearing onions in your socks at night. Discover the advantages of doing so by reading on!

1. Cleansing Effect

Experts say that the soles of our feet have around 7,000 meridians that connect various organs. Consequently, it can be a practical and efficient method to maintain the cleanliness of our veins and nerves from the bottom of our feet. Additionally, you may try putting some onion slices in your socks to draw impurities out of the blood vessels and absorb them.

2. Purifying Blood

Onions release a lot of phosphoric acid when they come into touch with your foot. The material can assist cleanse the blood in your vessels, promote blood production and circulation, and eventually enhance the function of your body after it has entered your blood vessels.

3. Fighting Cold And Flu

Vitamin C, which is vital for boosting the immune system and preventing illness, is abundant in onions. It’s recommended to put some onions in your socks at night if you have the flu or cold to help you recover more quickly.